[Israel.pm] I am looking for tech events in Israel

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 04:03:28 PST 2009


I have started to organize a group of Perl users around the world to
to help each other showing Perl and Perl based projects on events
not specific to Perl.

Our application got accepted and so we are going to have a stand on both
FOSDEM in Belgium and CeBIT in Germany early next year but I'd like
to start showing some presence here in Israel as well. Unfortunately most
of the hi-tech events in Israel charge money from the speakers and
from the people who want to present their stuff and we don't have a budget
to spend thousands of dollars on this.

So I am looking for events where you think people who might be interested
in Perl will show up. While it would be better to give a presentation or to
have a booth but even if that is not possible we might be able to network with
people during the breaks.

I have already listed one such event related to test automation on
but I'd like to hear your ideas on what other events there might be.


Gabor Szabo                     http://szabgab.com/

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