[Israel.pm] What is missing from Padre?

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Wed Oct 29 04:10:22 PDT 2008


Per your request, I've decided to code all day long with Padre instead
of my (oh so beloved) VIM.
I couldn't come up with 5 things, but rather 2 issues instead. They
might not be the most important to others but they are definitely the
things that would prevent me from using Padre considerably (even
though I'll retain my love to VIM).
(sorry in advance for the length)

1. Movement:
The shortcut keys for movements that are used in VIM (Emacs as well)
are very comfortable and are definitely the first thing I find
I travel through a script with '{' and '}'  (amongst others) which
move in blocks of code. With time I found this one of the most
disturbing things - not being able to efficiently move between lines.
I can't jump a few lines, I can't travel fast. I have to either use
the mouse to move the indicator somewhere or use the arrow keys up and
down or use page up and page down which really displace me and hard to
use and when working on many lines of code, all of these becomes very

2. Highlighting:
- Cant change the background color: I really adapted to the VIM
highlighting over black. It's much easier for the eyes - and the
monitor. So it'd be really nice if I could pick the background color
or even color scheme (to fix the black on black in case of changing
background color).
- The highlighting seems very stale, there's just 3 colors basically,
occasionally I hit a 4th color.
- no highlighting for HEREDOCs.
- __END__ doesn't provide different colorings and attracts the eye as
valid code - which it isn't.
- Doesn't recognize special chars (\n, \t, etc.) inside quotes.
- No highlighting for programmers keywords (TODO, XXX, etc.)
- "something\"$var\"anotherthing" - highlights doesn't recognize the
$var inside it.

More comments:
- The elements inside the windows aren't properly aligned and usually
tend to the limits of the window, which is annoying. For example, the
right sidebar in which the names are pressed hard against the left
limit of the sidebar. Also, Goto Bookmark window is horribly aligned.
It's not much, but it seems very amateur compared to a well-built
application (which is what Padre seems like). However, this may a
consequence of me using "wmii" as a window manager. I've yet to use
Padre on Windows.
- I would put a close "X" on each file tab so I could close it instead
of (when I'm using the mouse) File->Close.
- Can't move the tabs.
- The X Windows clipboard doesn't work.
- Can't indent multiple lines.
- I would add a quick interface to perldoc. A hotkey that opens a box
to perldoc (maybe with a few options if you want (-q, -r for example).
- Documentation typo: Plugins -> "there is a highly experimental but
quit simple plugin system." -> "quite".
- No word wrap option.

All in all, I have to say I enjoyed using the program. It wasn't a
pain (like previous versions) and it has grown a lot.
I can find myself using it occasionally as a serious IDE. The "start
module" is freaking awesome!

Very good!

On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 8:07 AM, Gabor Szabo <szabgab at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have started to develop Padre ( http://padre.perlide.org/ )
> about four months ago and version 0.14 that has just arrived
> to CPAN is already slightly usable.
> I'd like to get your help to find out what are the most important
> things I should focus in the next four months?
> I am sure you either use vi or emacs and you are totally satisfied
> with your development environment but, please for a short time
> imagine you are stuck in a well paying job and your management
> mandates you to use Padre.
> Please give me the 5 most important things that are still missing
> from it so you can also say it is usable.
> In order to do this obviously you will have to install it which might
> be a bit difficult if your OS does not come with binary version of
> wxPerl. On the other hand if you are lucky you'll only have to type
>   cpan> install Padre
> answer a few questions and wait till all the prereqs get installed.
> For some help with the installation check out the download page.
> http://padre.perlide.org/wiki/Download
> Thank you for your help
> ( posted also on http://use.perl.org/~gabor/journal/37754 )
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