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YAPC::EU::2009 Newsletter #1 - Theme, Dates, Venue and other useful information

Greetings, and welcome to the very first YAPC::EU::2009 newsletter.

In this issue:

 - Conference theme
 - (Tentative) Dates and Venue
 - The lookout for sponsors
 - Communication means

So let's get started:

 - Conference theme: Corporate Perl

    Next year's YAPC::EU theme is "Corporate Perl".

    "Corporate Perl" is not about guys in suits showing off their
products (although suits are very welcomed, as they've always been).

    "Corporate Perl" is about how and why Perl is being used in the
big companies.

    How many of us have heard of Wall Street companies using Perl?

    How many of us have heard of Perl-ran companies with teams of
hundreds of developers?

    How many of us have heard of Perl systems making billions of
dollars every year?

    How many of us have *heard* about this?

    How many of us have *seen* it?

    The time has come.

    The time to show the world how well Perl is doing, how alive it
is, and how bright and shinny the community is thriving, has come.

    Granted, we won't be able to bring in every single company using
Perl to the event, but if you consider that some of the people working
at these places already attend YAPCs, all we really need to do is
convince them to walk on stage and tell the world what they're doing
with Perl.

    We can barely wait.

 - (Tentative) Dates and Venue

    We finally found the right venue.

    There's been meetings, phone calls, SMSs, emails, and faxes
involved, but it seems we made it.

    We're currently waiting for the official confirmation (we already
have the unofficial confirmation). We were waiting to get the
paperwork on our side to let the world know the details, but we
decided not to make you wait any longer.

    The conference should be held from the 3rd to the 5th of August
2009, at FCUL (Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon), and
as soon as we get the official papers, we'll share that information
with you.

    Yes, we realize the conference will run from a Monday to a
Wednesday. Trust us on this one.

    Yes, we realize the conference will be held on the first week of
August. There were a lot of issues that prevented us from selecting
different dates. As much work as we've put into this, it's always hard
to ensure we get everything we want.

    Here's a short teaser of the venue:

    More on this subject in the near future.

 - New website

    We have a new and clean website, which we hope appeals more to the
theme of Corporate Perl.

    You can browse what we have so far and pre-register at

    We'd like to call your attention to the logo of the conference,
which is a Perlish version of the Portuguese coat of arms (as
suggested by brian d foy at the last YAPC::EU and selected by the
attendees of that conference);

 - On the lookout for sponsors

    We need money.

    Well, not us, the conference.

    There's no way we can put up a conference like this without money,
and you can help us.


    Talk to your company. Put them in contact with us.

    We'll be speaking to a lot of companies in the months to come
about sponsoring the event, but if you feel your company can help,
please let us know.

    Sponsoring the event has several benefits, such as a number of
free entries to the conference, advertisement, and others.

    Help us put together the best YAPC::EU possible.

 - Communication means

    We plan on being in touch with you (ir)regularly until the
conference takes place.

    We'll be posting on the website, sending emails to the
conferences at yapceurope.org mailing list, and posting small updates on
our Twitter, Jaiku, and Pownce accounts (we also have a FriendFeed
account that receives whatever we post on Twitter).

    There's also a feed of videocasts available at
http://vimeo.com/user947461/videos/rss, where we'll post all the
videos made by the organization.

    Feel free to spread the word. We appreciate that.

Feel free to contact us at organizers at yapceurope2009.org for anything
conference related.

See you at the next newsletter,

cog and ambs

In our next newsletter:

 - the confirmation of the dates (we hope; we're really working hard
on this one)
 - our first sponsors
 - some travel tips and information
 - and more

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