[Israel.pm] Rakudo

Levenglick Dov-RM07994 dov at freescale.com
Mon Nov 17 06:39:11 PST 2008

D:\parrot-0.8.0\bin>make pbc_to_exe.exe
make: Nothing to be done for `pbc_to_exe.exe'.

D:\parrot-0.8.0\bin>make perl6.exe
make: Nothing to be done for `perl6.exe'.

D:\parrot-0.8.0\bin>perl6 -e "print 'hello world'"
"load_bytecode" couldn't find file 'P6object.pbc'
current instr.: 'onload' pc 0 (src/gen_builtins.pir:28)
called from Sub 'parrot;Perl6;Compiler;main' pc -1 ((unknown file):-1)

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Dov Levenglick
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Levenglick Dov-RM07994 wrote:
> I downloaded Parrot and am trying to build Rakudo according to
> Both make and nmake are failing. Am I missing something? 
Please can you send the error message(s) it's failing with - it's hard 
to guess at what's wrong without those. Certainly, I build Parrot and 
Rakudo on Windows frequently, so it can work.



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