[Israel.pm] Padre 0.15 released - running on Parrot

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Sun Nov 2 23:22:21 PST 2008


New week, new release.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time, tried Padre and wrote
comments in response to my requests

While it will give us plenty of work I'd be happy to get more people
trying Padre and letting us know what are the things that still hurt.
It would be even better if more people started to hack on Padre or start
writing Plugins.

Hey there are now 5 Padre plugins on CPAN!.

We have started to implement some of the requests and worked on
some other things as well. As usual the changes are here:

The main features are:
* Cleanups in how the dialogs look like.
* Close All but Current Document menu option.
* Add auto indentation.
* Before saving, check if file has changed on disk.
* Reload file menu option
* Ctrl-T is the default new file hot-key just as in Firefox.

* Allow the execution of PASM files using parrot
* Allow execution of Perl 6 code using Rakudo
* Allow Padre to partially run on Parrot
* Padre::Plugin::Parrot - an example on how to write plug-in for Padre
  that runs on Parrot.

The last four will only work if you have Parrot compiled on your system
and configured the require environment variables. See
http://search.cpan.org/dist/Padre/lib/Padre.pm for details.

Padre can be installed using the standard CPAN.pm shell but if that does
not work there are some instructions on

I have not yet packaged a binary version of Padre 0.15 for Linux but
for Windows there is a beta version of Portable Strawberry Perl including
Padre 0.14. You can download it and then upgrade Padre by typing
cpan install Padre.

Enjoy and provide feedback!


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