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Sagiv Barhoom sagivba at 012.net.il
Tue Jan 29 09:43:42 PST 2008

AFAIK sql injections can be prevented in most of the cases using bind 
varibles. I said "in most of the cases" since sql injection is based on 
dynamic sql code. such code can bee genereted both by appending strings yo an 
sql string :q{select name from users_tbl where  id='$ID'} 
in this case the injction is trivial $ID=q{' or 1=1}
but but sql injection in other places such as using ref cursors  or execute 
imidiate on oracle packages.

about XSS prevention - one affective way to prevent xss attach is to encode 
the outputbefore desplaying it in the browser. for example tou might want to:

use HTML::Entities; # and then to
print "user name is : ", HTML::Entities::encode($user_name_form_the_DB);

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On יום שני 28/1/2008, Georges EL OJAIMI wrote:
> Hello,
> I am customizing my own RTE and trying to reduce it to only 4 few elements,
> in order to prevent HTML characters and SQL injection into the database, I
> modified the tags like the following:
> [b]bold[/b]
> [i]italic[/i]
> [u]underline[/u]
> [url=http://www.url.com]url[/url]
> I want to replace each tag on the fly by its real HTML tag while displaying
> it to the end user.
> Is there a way to replace all these tags by there equivalents? I am having
> problem detecting the brackets []
> Best regards,
> Georges
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