[Israel.pm] Transcribing the Perlcast Interview with Tom Limoncelli

Omer Zak w1 at zak.co.il
Mon Jan 28 23:29:42 PST 2008

Hello Shlomi,
After reading that the transcription work was 99.5% finished, I read the
transcribed Perlcast interview and enjoyed it.

Thanks for making it accessible via text!

--- Omer

On Thu, 2007-10-04 at 18:15 +0200, Shlomi Fish wrote:
> Hi all!
> I started transcribing the Perlcast interview with Tom Limoncelli on the 
> perl.net.au wiki:
> http://perl.net.au/wiki/Perlcast_Transcript_-_Interview_with_Tom_Limoncelli
> In the interview Josh McAdams (the Perlcast host) talks with Limoncelli about 
> his book "Time Management for System Administrators". I found the interview 
> very interesting and englihtening, and so decided to transcribe it (partially 
> because I have a deaf friend, who may find the contents of the interview 
> useful). 
> The .mp3 with the interview can be found at:
> http://perlcast.com/2006/02/09/interview-with-tom-limoncelli/
> If anyone wishes to help with the transcripting process, just download 
> the .mp3, follow the time marks on the wiki and save your work frequently.

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