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On Wednesday 09 January 2008, ik wrote:
> Hi,
> Well it's too generallizing to say that... Sorry to get into that
> *again*. But C and C based languages such as C++ and even Java are
> doomed, because they where created to solve specific issues, and while
> some of them are used today for "general' development, they are not so
> general after all.
> The programming language I really love (while I do program in many
> other programming languages, and the only other language I really love
> to program with is Perl) is Object Pascal.It continue to grow and
> expand and tuch new areas. I have a very low level way of doing
> things, for example making memory management by myself, and I also
> have ways to avoid it as much as possible. And Pascal arrived prior to
> C. and the first OS that was written with it was 1BSD .

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but 1BSD was not primarily written in Pascal. 

Reading from:


1BSD was an add-on to Sixth Edition Unix rather than a complete operating 
system in its own right; its main components were a Pascal compiler and Joy's 
ex line editor.

So 1BSD was the Sixth Edition Unix plus some extra components. The Sixth 
Edition Unix was written primarily in C, and "ex" was based on "ed" which was 
written in C, and so was also written in C. I don't know if the Pascal 
compiler was written in C or Pascal, but it still doesn't matter that the 
operating system as a whole was not written in Pascal.

I commented about it here, too: (in Hebrew)



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