[Israel.pm] My CPAN module

Amir E. Aharoni amir.aharoni at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 01:34:54 PST 2008

On 04/01/2008, Shmuel Fomberg <semuelf at 012.net.il> wrote:
> Hi All.
> I made my first (actually second) CPAN module.
> http://search.cpan.org/~semuelf/Class-STAF-0.02/
> Being the first time that I put a module on CPAN, I would appreciate any
> comment.
> Does it look alright? Enough docs?

Just a bystander opinion...

Two immediate problems: There's no context. It's hard to understand
what this is if the reader doesn't know what STAF is. Adding a link to
http://staf.sourceforge.net/ in the first paragraph would solve this.

Also, i wouldn't say that the current API is "ugly". Be positive - say
how are you improving it.

One last minor thing - appriciated => appreciated

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