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Will you be presenting this in the upcoming OSDC?

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If you have ever read or edited Wikipedia, you have probably noticed
links to other languages on many articles. In the Wikipedian lingo
these links are usually called "interwiki links" or simply "interwiki"
or "iw".

For the last couple of years I am leading a pretty big project to
improve those links in my free time. There are many articles which do
not have them at all, but should have them, and there are many other
articles which have various mistakes and technical problems with them.
I've written a Perl program that finds such cases. It has helped
improving the Hebrew Wikipedia quite a lot, and i am in the process of
exporting it to Wikipedias in other languages - French, Russian,
Spanish, Occitan, Esperanto, Norwegian and others.

However, i have recently decided to dedicate the following academic
year to full-time Linguistics studies. This means A LOT of homework,
and homework probably means that i won't have a lot of free time to
improve this project. I believe that this project is important and
fun, so i am seeking partners that will help me keep it alive.

Here are a few features that may make you curious about it:

* To understand why i think that it is important, read this:

* If you ever thought about participating in a Free Software / Open
Source project, but all the existing projects on the web looked hard
to get into, i *promise* that it will be a different experience here.

* This script uses new Perl 5.10 features quite heavily, so it's a
chance for you to explore them, if you haven't already.

* The script has essentially no proper test suite, so if you like
writing tests, it is for you.

It will be especially fun for you, if you are curious about any of those

* foreign languages


* statistical processing of large amounts of textual data

* exploring I/O and memory scalability and improving performance

* text processing and parsing

Read about the project here:


(A link to a Hebrew version is at the top.)

Installation and running instructions are at the bottom. Just try
installing and running it. If you run into any problems let me know.

Any help will be strongly appreciated.

Amir Elisha Aharoni

heb: http://haharoni.wordpress.com | eng: http://aharoni.wordpress.com
cat: http://aprenent.wordpress.com | rus: http://amire80.livejournal.com

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