[Israel.pm] Multi-Threaded interface?

Shmuel Fomberg semuelf at 012.net.il
Mon Oct 22 11:31:33 PDT 2007

Hello There.

I have embedded Perl inside C framework. The Perl interface that I created
is very simple: calls the new function and an init function in the
beginning, calls a request function multiple times, and calls terminate
function and DESTROY in the end.

The C framework is multithreaded, and currently I just lock access to Perl
so just one thread can access the Perl object at any time. But now I want to
give the user the ability to make his extension multithreaded, and I need
ideas on how to do it. 
Should I externally clone the interpreter with the user object inside? Or
should I create multiple interpreters and load the user's module each time?
(not a good idea, IMO) 
What do you think? What would you expect? 


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