[Israel.pm] Hebrew to english trans.

Uri Bruck bruck at actcom.net.il
Wed Oct 17 09:52:17 PDT 2007

Ran Eilam wrote:
>> Some of the problem with English spelling are illustrated by the
>> Chaos Poem:
>> http://www.spellingsociety.org/journals/j17/caos.php#caos
> I loved:
> "Though, through, bough, cough, hough, sough, tough??"
> Just the rules for "ough" are almost as many as there are words with "ough"!
> However, what if he does this:
> 1- go to an online dictionary, get the pronunciation
Some of them provide a pronunciation guide. If one can parse the page 
and locate it, that could help.
http://www.yourdictionary.com results include pronunciation info. It's 
not quite IPA and it misses some of the subtleties, but it should good 
enough for this purpose.
> 2- that should be easier to transcribe (hope that's the right word here Uri)
> After all text-to-speech tools use such a trick I guess.
They also use context to distinguish between homographs.
A single word has no context, so homographs remain ambiguous.
>  Which is why
> they do really bad on names and slang.
> This is BTW a rather strange question, even for a Perl mailing list.
> For someone/thing to need the tool described, they need to meet the
> following criteria:
> 1) Speak English, but can't read/write it
> 2) They DO read/write Hebrew
> 3) They have no access to the pronunciation guide of any dictionary
> 4) They have a problem hearing the sound clips from online dictionaries
Ok. So the question to ask is what is it needed for?


Si fractum non sit, noli id reficere.

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