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There are a few choices for Perl. I'd say stay away from XML::Simple
for massive stuff (it may be just fine if your config file happens to
be in XML). XML::LibXML is a production grade binding to the excellent
(and fast) libxml2 c library: it's featureful and reliable. The only
downside is that it may be a little tricky to install on some systems.

XML::Twig is decent. It's kinda weird to use, and the docs may be out
of date. IIRC Audrey recommends to read the tutorial on xmltwig.org
first. The same Audrey wrote the delightful and crazy XML::All, which
you totally should not use for production but which is really great to

I haven't done XML in Perl for a year now so there may be newer stuff.

On 11/1/07, Yona Shlomo <yona at cs.technion.ac.il> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm interested to learn what XML processors are widely used
> for web applications.
> For example, I understand that Xerces is used by Apache but
> I cannot say which version of Xerces (the C++ one? the Java
> one? the Java2 one?) is the one widely used -- or that is
> deployed as default.
> What is the default XML processor for
> PHP/Python/Perl/Rubi/Java....?
> Can you share from your experience what are the used XML
> processors and on what combinations of
> language/database/web-server?
> Thanks.
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