[Israel.pm] print() from within module

Sagiv Barhoom sagivba at 012.net.il
Thu Mar 22 10:11:58 PDT 2007

I think you might find Log module helpful for that kind of tasks,
loggers  usually have messeges level such as  qw/trace debug info warn error/
I find Log::Log4perl a very good log PM but sometime overkill.
another nice trick that might interest you is to keep the constants of your 
program (such as log level , log files names and so on. . . ) in outer  file  
such as configuration file or another pkg.
Enjoy :-) Sagiv

On Thursday 22/3/2007 17:53, ברונפמן ולדימיר wrote:
> Well, I very appreciate for answers – they really helpful and high-skilled.
> I am ashamed for but reason is if($DEBUG) {print STDOUT @_, "\n"}  where
> $DEBUG is never initialized. Well, stupid things happens too… :)
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