[Israel.pm] FW: Perl Embeded

Shmuel Fomberg semuelf at 012.net.il
Tue Mar 13 12:43:19 PDT 2007

Hello There.

I'm trying to embed Perl into a C program. After a lot of reading and
experimenting, I have some questions: 

1. is perl_parse necessary? if I try to do anything without calling it
first, perl crashes. what if I don't want to load main program, but load
modules by myself, and use them directly?

2. How do I do things in compile time? where is the distinction?

3. load_module doesn't work for me. it says that it can not find the
module. but when I did eval_pv("use SampleService;", G_DISCARD); it
worked. what is wrong?

4. I rather like the idea of perl_parse("somefile",...) and then running
some sub from inside that file. (and skip perl_run) Can I do it from my
Perl program?

5. It says that the flag for destroying in perl_destruct instead after
perl_run is available only after Perl 5.7.something. did it made it way
to the latest version of Perl 5.6?


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