[Israel.pm] Is there a lack of (good) Perl programmers?

Amir E. Aharoni amir.aharoni at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 23:44:29 PDT 2007

> Perl/Tk is butt-ugly (at least in a Motif based desktop such as the
> one we use - YMMV),

On Windows too.

> Perl bindings to other toolkits (GTK+, QT, WxWidgets) are difficult
> for beginners to master, badly documented, lack examples and are
> practically impossible to install in the workplace since you need the
> relevant header files and those are not always installed...

Perl/Qt is badly outdated, which is sad, because in the battle of GTK
vs Qt i usually take the Qt side.

Perl GTK, though, is pretty good and up-to-date, and i managed to
write a few simple programs in it on Windows. It is quite easy to
install for anyone who is reasonably familiar with Perl (but may be
hard for the end-user). It's a shame that ActiveState don't distribute
it instead of Perl/Tk.

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