[Israel.pm] Is there a lack of (good) Perl programmers?

Elizabeth Sterling elizabeth at sparkthing.com
Fri Mar 9 01:49:56 PST 2007

> By being exposed to a new set of tools, and learning how to
> use if properly and when it is useful to be used, you end up
> with the right material to make a good call when to use
> these tools. This is not only relevant for Perl, by the way.

    Hmm, this made me think of other tools that we NEVER use for a
complete project. SQL, for instance. You don't write an entire project
in SQL, and in fact, you can write a program that communicates with a
DB without ever using SQL. Yet, SQL is clearly the best tool for
writing queries to most DBs most of the time. So we learn it and we
use it.

    Perl is a great tool for lots of different purposes. Within a
large organization that uses mostly some other tool, Perl might be the
best option for some tasks. Of course, you won't know that if you
don't know Perl to begin with, right?

- Elizabeth Sterling

"In fact, one of the saddest but most common conditions in elementary
school computer labs ..., is the children are being trained to use
Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I consider that criminal, because children
should be making things, communicating, exploring, sharing, not
running office automation tools."   -- Nicholas Negroponte

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