[Israel.pm] Next Perl Monger Meeting Announcement

Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Wed Mar 7 09:36:30 PST 2007

Hi all!

On Wednesday 07 March 2007, Ran Eilam wrote:
> Hello,
> (this email overrides previous emails by a certain Shlomo guy)
> This month's (March) Israel.pm meeting will take place on
> Tuesday, 13/3/2007 at 18:30 in the usual location:
>        F5 Networks
>        HaBarzel 24b
>        Ramay Hachayal
>        Tel-Aviv

I suggest we have a standard date recipe for determining the date of our 
monthly meeting. That way people can plan their schedules accordingly and we 
can avoid conflicts. See:


4. You need a regular meeting time.

"Regular" usually means following an easily-remembered-and-used formula, 
suitable for people's calendars, pocket planners, and PalmPilots -- such as 
4th Thursday. Don't get fancy with things like "every other Thursday": Make 
it so anyone with a calendar can easily figure out when the next meeting will 

So what is the date that the F5 organisers decide upon?

That put aside, I could also use someone from the F5 organisers to update the 
perl.org.il Subversion repository first hand. Ask Gabor for commit access.


	Shlomi Fish

> Talks start at 18:30.
> Speakers commited:
>   * Ran Eilam - Cool Object Oriented Stuff - OO design principles,
> architectural patterns, OO horror stories...
>   * Yuval Yaari - Cool Regexp Stuff - debugging, Perl guts implementation,
> ...
> See you there,
>     Ran
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