[Israel.pm] Is there a lack of (good) Perl programmers?

Roey Almog roeyalmog at 013.net
Mon Mar 5 15:29:48 PST 2007

> Why aren't companies here doing those same things with Perl? Now,
> that's a really good question. Maybe it's like Guy said, and people in
> Israel just like to follow the herd. If the herd isn't playing with
> Perl, then it must be no good.

Well statistics - only small percentage use Perl - -Israel is small - small
percentage of small turns out to be none....

Well Almost none - in my company we use Perl as the main programming
language with some C/C++.
As a former C++ programmer (since 1992) I can say that it much faster
implemting in Perl, and the code is easier to maintain
it simply have much less lines of code...

However Perl does luck IDE in level of Visual Studio.

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