[Israel.pm] A surge in Perl job offerings

Shmuel Fomberg semuelf at 012.net.il
Thu Jun 7 11:17:40 PDT 2007

Shlomo Said:

>> I have to disagree with you on this point. The general demand for
>> programmers is usually for C++, C#, Java. Why would a future
>> waste his time on some bizarre language, instead of focusing on more
>> probable career paths? Or are you expecting him to learn Perl
>> for your opening?
>I'm not sure that building a career based on a programming
>language is a good idea.
>A programming language is just one tool, not the full
>arsenal of tools.

We are talking about whether or not companies that need Perl programmers
should expect Perl knowledge beforehand. 

>> In my opinion, companies that need Perl programmers should understand
>> that they also need to train them. And it's not such a hard task
>> because, like you said, good programmer should be able to pick up
>> using a good book, in about a week.
>This should equally apply for any other programming language
>and technology, no? How many C courses are there in the
>industry, compared to Perl courses? Why?

Look in the ads. Here on the list, there are four opening for
programmers, two contractor works and one student opening. And that's
country-wide. How many C opening are there? How many C++? Java? C#?
Live with that. Train people by your own. That my whole point.

>> I consider Perl as a scam to sell books. So we disagree on this point
>> too. :-)
>I think that you can do fairly well with the perldoc
>documentation. If you want books, you have those too.
>Scam or no scam -- the fact remains that there are quite a
>few good Perl books our there.

When I was trying to embed Perl, I read *all* the perldoc pages. Twice.
I only made progress when I dag inside modperl's source code. After
that, when I made a working example, I returned to the perldoc, and
discovered that the information was there, it just can't be understood
by it's own. 
Of course, there is a book, 'Extending and Embedding Perl'. 


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