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Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Fri Jun 1 06:37:27 PDT 2007

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On Friday 01 June 2007, Yuval Kogman wrote:
> Thanks, but no thanks.

Hi Yuval!

May I inquire why do you sign each and every one of your emails, including 
silly ones like the one you just wrote, with your GPG Key? Whatever you sign 
with your private key is legally binding, and can be used as hard evidence 
against you or anyone else. I hardly sign anything I write under my GPG key, 

1. I don't fear being impersonated much. (Did it happen to you?)

2. I don't think what I write is worthy as having my signature (digital or 
hand-written) on. It's not that serious, and I don't want it to be legally 

And I should note that your email, in which you didn't quote anything I wrote, 
but rather replied in one line ("Thanks, but no thanks.") in one-line, 
without even a "Hi Shlomi!" or a more verbose explanation, or anything that 
didn't require being a "Neuro Lingual Programming" master to understand[1] 
was OK.

When I write important emails, including all emails that arrive at mailing 
lists, and all emails to people whom I care for their opinion, I take the 
time and phrase them correctly. This was also the case for this email. There 
are some email netiquette resources on the web, and different aspects are 
covered in the (original) "Pragmatic Programmer" book (which I bought and 
started reading, and so far enjoyed).

I hope I'm not too edgy, preachy and tactless here, but I think what I'm 
saying makes sense. My point is that hardly anyone can take such ill-phrased 
and laconic emails seriously. I was offended from this email, and I believe 
anyone else would.

Plaintext messaging on the Internet makes conveying one's messages much harder 
than in real life, and this means you have to explain what you mean. Some 
people believe that "brevity is God", but I think it's still second to 
actually getting the correct message across. (Assuming the recipient is not 
an idiot, and has minimal text-understanding skills)

While I could have simply said "Go to hell" as this message, which would have 
been much shorter, I chose to explain and elaborate on what I wanted to say 
and say it more politely.

This discussion really took an ugly turn. Feel free not to feed the trolls (in 
this case Yuval and I).


	Shlomi Fish

[1] - I'm not but I believe I could tell what you meant, nonetheless.

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