[Israel.pm] tag clouds, folksonomy,

guy keren choo at actcom.co.il
Tue Jul 3 07:28:13 PDT 2007

Gabor Szabo wrote:
> OK so I can put a CAPTCHA on the registration form and reduce the likelyness
> to spam it. (Though I have another very good system to avoid spam on
> CPAN::Forum:
> it requires sort-of XHTML markup that noone knows how to write :-( )

do whatever is equivalent in "strength" to a captcha.

> Still I need to decide on how to update tags and how to - maybe -
> reduce mistakes?
> I though any logged in user will be able to set tags on every module.
> Then we can list modules under the same tag.


> I can list the existing tags on a module and let anyone edit them.
> People migh - by mistake - delete some tags. Should it be somehow under
> version control or what?

let people edit things. make logs of all 'delete tag from module' 
operations - i doubt there will be many such operations.

give the community the benefit of the doubt - it'll take care of itself 
(i.e. if enough people come in and one made a mistake, someone else will 
fix it).

> Shall I give a simple text input to list all the tags or shall I give
> also a drop-down list
> of all the existing tags?

a drop-down will be problematic because people will want to create new 
tags (and that should be allowed for everyone).

let people edit tags, e.g. in case someone accidentally wrote a tag with 
a spelling mistake.

you could give a drop-down of common tags, and a text entry field. 
people will look things up in the list, or type the tag by name.

> Case sensitivity of tags?

translate all letters to lower-case (or first capital the rest lower) 
and you're done with case sensitivity problems.


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