[Israel.pm] An OOP Pattern Discovered by Accident

Oded Arbel oded-linux at typo.co.il
Sat Jan 27 14:19:51 PST 2007

On Sat, 2007-01-27 at 23:04 +0200, Shlomi Fish wrote:
> > Eh. That's the one thing I'm missing when comparing perl to Java :
> > automated refactoring.
> Well, there's a difference between automated refactoring and automated code 
> generation, which is what you've mentioned before.


>  You can automatically 
> generate Perl code if that's what you need, 

Not conveniently - Eclipse writes core for me on the fly as I'm
programming. I suspect that when you say that I can "generate perl code"
is that I write some other code to generate more code - during compile
or during runtime (like you showed in your previous e-mail), while I'm
looking for something more.. how shall I say it... ehmm... automatic.
Hey! that's the word I used before, I appear to be repeating myself :-(

> but automatically refactoring it 
> is not possible at the moment, except for some basic stuff using 
> Devel::Refactor.

It would be cool if someone would integrate this with some editor, which
Devel::Refactor seems to be begging for - it looks to me rather useless
w/o such integration.

>  Moreover, the refactorings provided by Eclipse and other 
> Java IDEs are only a subset of the refactorings covered in the "Refactoring" 
> book by Martin Fowler.

I'll take 10% done over 0% done any day of the week, thank you very

Still, read as a parody, it is hilarious.
    -- Ahasuerus, on the one Gor book he read (to 30%) 

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