[Israel.pm] An OOP Pattern Discovered by Accident

Oded Arbel oded-linux at typo.co.il
Sat Jan 27 08:40:53 PST 2007

On Sat, 2007-01-27 at 05:07 +0200, guy keren wrote:
> it would be nice if programming languages supported the "delegate"
> keyword, to allow stating "methods A, B and C should be delegated to
> object O". i've often found the need for such code (where inheritance
> was not appropriate for the delegation), and having some 10 methods
> which just invoke the next object both requires extra coding, and makes
> it less obvious that this is a simple delegation.

Well, some programming languages do support better infrastructure for
this pattern - for example, C#. Other systems support this pattern with
automated code generation (as I've mentioned before) - like Eclipse for

Eh. That's the one thing I'm missing when comparing perl to Java :
automated refactoring. 

Indecision is the true basis for flexibility.

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