[Israel.pm] Signal SEGV at SomeFile.pm line 2001

Oron Peled oron at actcom.co.il
Wed Feb 28 06:58:07 PST 2007

On Tuesday, 27 בFebruary 2007 14:25, Gabor Szabo wrote:
> Whilre running under -d I get
> Signal SEGV at SomeFile.pm line 2001
> there is a function call on that line.
> What could this be and why do I get it only when I am running with -d?

A guess: this function is implemented in C and has a bug (e.g:
null pointer dereference), causing the kernel to send SEGV to
the process. The perl debugger catches this signal and notifies

If this is the case, I would expect a normal run to be aborted
(the default behavior of SEGV) with a core dump.

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