[Israel.pm] package aliasing?

Shmuel Fomberg semuelf at 012.net.il
Fri Feb 2 04:29:49 PST 2007

Hello There.

A quick look inside Package::Alias, reveal the trick:
BEGIN { *A:: = \*B::; }

It have to be inside a begin block. (make sense - all the binding
happens  in compile time)

Thanks to all.

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On 1/31/07, Shmuel Fomberg <semuelf at 012.net.il> wrote:
> Can I make one package an alias of another?
> I want that all the variables and subs called through package A will
> actually answered by package B.
> Something like: *A:: = *B::
> Can I?

It is more like this:

*A:: = \*B::

or you can use CPAN modules like Package::Alias:

use Package::Alias A => 'B';

There are others, but I cannot find them right now.

Adriano Ferreira.
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