[Israel.pm] Perl Workshop - where to stay?

Ran Eilam ran.eilam at gmail.com
Wed Dec 26 00:02:20 PST 2007

Hey Jonathan.

And here are some contact details:

Ran Eilam
0544-633-509 (will work from any phone in Israel)
Sokolov 5 Tel-Aviv, near the junction of Sokolov-and-Arlozorov
(streets here named after famous  russian zionists)

You can get here from the airport (we have no car to pick you up) 2 ways:

1- Train comes once an hour to the airport, so you may have to wait an
hour, to Arlozorov train station in Tel-Aviv. From there a 20-30
shekel taxi to our house.

2- Taxi from the airport will cost 120 shekels to our door. It is a
30-40 minute taxi ride.

What date should we expect you?


 Ran Eilam ran.eilam at gmail.com

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