[Israel.pm] Perl Workshop - where to stay?

Jonathan Worthington jnthn at jnthn.net
Sun Dec 23 07:21:55 PST 2007


I'm attending the Perl workshop in Israel, and the hackathon for a day 
too. Then I'm planning to spend a couple of days in Jerusalem and a 
couple down in the Negev. My flights are booked, I've sorted out places 
to stay in Jerusalem and in the Negev, and realized that I've not 
arranged anywhere to stay in Tel Aviv yet!

So...any suggestions of places that are in easy reach of the conference 
venue? I'm flying in on the 29th, though arrive ridiculously late (after 
midnight), so I guess I'll have to get a taxi to wherever it is I stay. 
I'll do some Tel Aviv sightseeing on the 30th, though if there are any 
plans for a meet-up on the night before, I'll happily come along. :-)

Thanks for any advice/help!


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