[Israel.pm] Hamakor General Assembly on Sunday, 2/Sep/2007

Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Sun Aug 26 01:52:42 PDT 2007

"Hamakor - The Israeli Society for Free Software and Open Source Code"
will have a general assembly on 2-September-2007, which is a Sunday.

The Assembly will take place in Tel Aviv University, in the Schreiber 
room Schreiber 008, at 18:30.

On the agenda:

1. Changing the item in the regulations, that specifies that in case
not enough people came to the meeting, the next meeting will take place a
week from that date. The proposed amendment is a method that exists in other
NPO's, and according to which, if an hour passed from the time that was
specified for the beginning of the assembly, and there's still isn't a quorum,
then the assembly will open anyway. Anyone who is used to come to 2 general
assemblies instead of one, understands the need for this change.

2. Another proposed amendment is to move the authority to cancel the
membership of a member in the society to the board.

3. Going over the financial reports for 2006 and approving them.

4. Electing a new board. Those who are interested, are welcome to offer
their candidature in public, in the discussions mailing list of Hamakor.

One can propose more issues for the agenda.


    Shlomi Fish

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