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Ephraim Dan E.Dan at F5.com
Mon Aug 20 00:39:10 PDT 2007

perlcc is SO not supported and buggy.  Its man page says:

The code generated in this way is not guaranteed to work. The whole        codegen suite ("perlcc" included) should be considered very experimental. Use for production purposes is strongly discouraged.

You'll have to ask yourself why you want to do this.  If it's for speed, you should look into things like mod_perl, or doing some profiling and writing the really critical parts in C via XS/Inline/etc.  If it's for "security" (code obfuscation) then you're getting into a hotly debated religious war - it's really not possible, and you'll be sorry you asked.

In any case, see here:



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The built in utility is perlcc, however it has problems with large complex scripts. 

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Can some one recommend on a software to convert perl script to exe?


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