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Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Thu Aug 16 08:20:23 PDT 2007



I should note that when Gabor briefly covered Subversion he said he tried to 
send a patch there, but they told him the whitespace was wrong. I should note 
that I submitted several patches to Subversion their incorporation was also 
delayed until I fixed the indentation, trailing whitespace, or whatever. They 
are pedenatic, but it is possible to submit patches there. And as evidence:


So don't take their pedanticness personally - they do it for everybody.

I should also note that someone here keeps suggesting git or GNU Arch[1] when 
someone mentions Subversion. I suggest him to stop, because it's becoming 
annoying and because it's a case of the "Use qmail instead" syndrome:



	Shlomi Fish

[1] - for the record, as far as I know GNU Arch is now unmaintained, and 
further development now continues in Bazaar (bzr - formerly Bazaar-NG), which 
is not compatible with it but similar. 



for more information.

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