[Israel.pm] [off topic] Outsourcing Companies

David Baird davidlbaird at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 06:32:30 PDT 2007

I don't have experience with outsourcing companies in Israel, however,
it is how I started working in hi-tech in The States. I started
working full time in 1990, when lots of companies were closing their
doors in Silicon Valley due to military budget cuts. With no way of
entering a stable large company, I turned to contracting work through
a small outsourcing company.

It was very good for me, as their "product" they aggressively looked
for a good match between my professional knowledge and the needs of
the various new startups in the valley. I was always accepted as a
full participant of the teams I worked with, and because of the work
of the outsourcing company, when one contracted ended (not all
startups are successful), I already had another one lined up. I never
had a lag time between contracts where I had to look for interviews
and collect unemployment payments. The outsourcing company also
provided for my benefits that the startups I was working in could not
provide for their own full time employees.

After two years of contracts, and at the end of the one I was in, I
got a full time offer in a startup that finally got past their first
product release, and was established enough to start growing. So
working at an outsourcing company was very good for me, got me through
the pains of a recession and prepared me for finally getting a full
time offer.


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