[Israel.pm] salary question

guy keren choo at actcom.co.il
Thu Apr 19 16:13:18 PDT 2007

Jonathan Yom-Tov wrote:
> hi,
> I'm looking for a job programming perl now and I'm trying to find out how much would be a reasonable salary to ask for, especially considering the recent pay rises. I've had estimates from 12k-20k from salary surveys and people I know. Anyone know how much it should be? I have two years experience and a master's degree (in engineering, not computer science).
> thanks,
> Yoni.

i think you already got the answer - anything between 12k-20k will be 
reasonable ;)

the salaries in israel vary wildly - and all the surveys are meaningless.

you should also realize that the reasonable value depends on how good 
your are, what you can do, what are your limitations, and how close you 
are to what the hiring company looks for. it also depends on the 
company's policy regarding salary - some decide to pay high salaries, 
some want to pay average, some want to pay low salaries. some anywhere 
in between.

there are simply no rules. the only answer is "ask for as much as you 
can get". you can't know this in advance, so it's not really helpful.

by the way, if you'll un-stick yourself, and not limit yourself only to 
perl jobs - your options will be better. as much as i like perl - i 
wouldn't consider looking for a perl-centered job - because the systems 
i like seeing developed are usually developed in other languages - and i 
use perl for development-aiding tools. is the language used so much 
important for you, that you'd prefer (just to give an example) a 
mediocre job in which you program in perl, to a great job in which you 
program in C++?


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