[Israel.pm] Job openings at ABC (Yoram Shitrit) Ltd.

Roman M. Parparov romm at empire.tau.ac.il
Wed Sep 20 12:45:22 PDT 2006


I'd like to post the following job ad from ABC (Yoram Shitrit) Ltd.:
We, a financial consulting company specializing in financial risk management
and system deployment are looking to fill the following positions:

Senior developer:
Requirements -
* 5+ years of Perl development
* Good knowledge of OO design in Perl
* Fluent SQL
* Fluent Unix/Linux user
* University Bachelor degree in CS/EE/IS/BioInformatics
* Good system engineering capabilities
Advantages -
* POE fluency
* Financial systems familiarity
* Graduate degree
* SVN and system administration fluency
* WWW development experience

Junior developer:
Requirements -
* 1 year of Perl development
* Familiarity with SQL
* Familiarity with Unix
* University Bachelor degree in CS/EE/IS/BioInformatics or near graduation
Advantages -
* Financial systems familiarity
* Testing experience, especially with Test:: Perl suites.

The openings are in Tel-Aviv.

Please send your CV to me - 1) in English, 2) only Text or Html formats.
The address is romm at empire.tau.ac.il

Company site is at http://abc.shitrit.com .

P.S. Yes, I quitted TAU for that place.
P.P.S. You're welcome to call me or mail me to find more about the company.

Roman M. Parparov - Senior Software Engineer, ABC (Yoram Shitrit) Ltd.
Email: romm at empire.tau.ac.il		   http:/abc.shitrit.com/site
Phone/Fax: +972-(0)3-5196119 (work),       +972-(0)50-734-18-34 (home)
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