[Israel.pm] Talk suggestion: Deadlock detection

Sagiv Barhoom sagivba at 012.net.il
Thu Sep 14 11:55:36 PDT 2006

Thats sound great
But please amke it more perlish and less algo sinnce I think everyone learned 
this in the university.
Regards Sagiv

On Thursday 14/9/2006 17:26, Yona Shlomo wrote:
> Hello,
> A talk proposal:
> * What is a deadlock
> * Examples
> * A formal modeling of the deadlock problem
> * A formal solution for the deadlock problem
> * issues
> * discussion on how to implement deadlock detection in Perl in a
> transparent way for the Perl programmer
> Anyone interested?
> I can give this in the November meeting of israel.pm.
> Additional suggestions:
> * I also have thoughts about automatic race detection
> techniques that can be incorporated into Perl in addition to
> techniques for automatic deadlock detection. So this can
> also be an interesting talk subject, though the theory there
> will be heavier.
> * Another possible talk subject is to discuss garbage
> collection algorithms that can be applied to Perl in order
> to replace its reference count algorithm.

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