[Israel.pm] performance problems - Win32::Process which runs perl

Sagiv Barhoom sagivba at 012.net.il
Tue Sep 12 10:19:34 PDT 2006

Subject: performance  problems - Win32::Process which runs perl
Date: Tuesday 12/9/2006 14:58
From: Sagiv Barhoom <sagivba at openu.ac.il>
To: sagivba at 012.net.il

Hi all
I am writing an application which run on  windows 2003 server.
The Perl is ActivePerl and I am using DBI && DBD:Oracle to connect to
Oracle 9i DB.
The machine is vmware 3.2GB and 1GB memory.

The application  reads data from the DB and generates Perl script
foreach record.

Then It run the created script using Win32::Process and
I have preformance problem - the DB run easyly but the perl machine CPU
run at 100% most of the time and can not generating  the processes fast
enough. The memory gets to 600MB so that is not the problem.
The DB almost does not work.
So the only bottle neck is the CPU!

When we  played with the code we noticed two interesting things:
1. removing some of the "use <some module>" improved the performance -
but yet we use some of the subroutines from that modules.

2. the processes which are created by the main process have two peaks of
CPU at creation (and I guess the compile part) and at the exit.

Any ideas how to improve performance ?


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