[Israel.pm] Apache::Session::MySQL question?

rami doqa rod082 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 25 08:19:03 PDT 2006

hello perl programmers, I need realy a help in this
why when i am trying to print the session data in the
next perl code nothing is printed.
i know that the session saves the data between the
http requests. i noticed that the session id is saved
fine but the other data nothing is saved.

my %session = undef;
my $cookie;

sub f1
print "session id: " . $session{_session_id};    #
works fine ..
$session{pla} = 'plaplapla';     
print "<br>pla is: " . $session{pla};     # prints
plaplapla.. (ok)
# this function is called in the next http request
sub f2
print "session id: " . $session{_session_id};   #
works fine ..
print "<br>pla is: " . $session{pla};     # nothing
printed..  why not printing (plaplapla)??????

sub open_session
$cookie = cookie('session_id'); 	 
tie %session, 'Apache::Session::MySQL',$cookie,
{Handle => $dbh,  LockHandle => $dbh};

dakka, rami

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