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Shmuel Fomberg semuelf at 012.net.il
Sun Oct 8 09:28:12 PDT 2006

Hello There.

If you're using Windows, then you can use Win32::GuiTest.
Example: (untested, as I cutted some irrelevant lines)

use Win32::GuiTest qw/:ALL/;
my $swin = getMyWindow("^Consule");  # regular expression for the title
of the window

sub getMyWindow {
   my $win_name = shift;
   my @windows_list = FindWindowLike(undef, $win_name);

   if (not @windows_list) {
         die("Cann't find or run ".$win_name." :
".join("_",FindWindowLike(undef, undef)));

   if (@windows_list > 1) {
      die("More the one window??? not good.");

   my $dc = $windows_list[0];
   return $dc;

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Any Ideas? 

Best Regards,
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From: Agmon Morag-B06508 
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Subject: Perl question

Hello Dov !

I was wondering is there is a way to bring-to-top a shell window when a 
certain event in my script (running in that window) had occured, without

using Tk.


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