[Israel.pm] Addictions

Yona Shlomo yona at cs.technion.ac.il
Fri Nov 17 03:42:50 PST 2006

On Fri, 17 Nov 2006, Shmuel Fomberg wrote:

> While working, I grew addicted to two things:
> 1. Komodo. How could I ever program without a decent IDE?

Try mastering vim. It is very useful, fast, and easily found
or can be easily installed everywhere.

> 2. XML::Simple. I write the data as XML, and get it as nicely structured
> data.

Errr... it makes a lot of mistakes with XML that is not

I really like XML::Twig. Easy and powerful.

Shlomo Yona
yona at cs.technion.ac.il

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