[Israel.pm] Tk Layout maddness

Levenglick Dov-RM07994 dovl at freescale.com
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There are a couple of issues here:
1. If you want to have other widgets under this one, you can pack them
on the bottom, stretch them on the X axis and pack them before this
other, problematic, widget.
2. The best source for Tk documentation is O'Reilly. The ActiveState
distribution comes with documentation as well.
3. Try using the -anchor option
4. Remember that the inner widget can only be placed inside the parent
widget. As such, if the outer frame is not where you expect it to be,
neither will the problematic one.

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Hello There.

I was given a task to write a GUI for a program, so I decided to learn
and do it the Tk way.
Quite nice, actually. I have only one problem, and this is the layout
Does anyone know an in-depth explanation on the net?

The problem that I stucked with: I have a frame that have two labels
inside: on the left and on the right.
The frame itself is inside a bigger frame, and it insist on being in the
Now, I don't want to declare it "left", because I add other widgets
below it.

In short, I want my frame to stretch horizontally, (and I already tried
So my inner widgets will arrive to their proper places.


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