[Israel.pm] Optimizing meetings for fun

Ran Eilam ran.eilam at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 14:18:14 PST 2006

The meeting today sure was fun.

For those who where there, you may remember I tried to make a point
about how good feelings/ emotional engagement/ passion are the most
important things in a software development meeting.

Turns out the amazing Audrey Tang said it much better in her most
recent talk, titled "-Ofun". Here is the poetic text of the slide, in
all of its minimalistic glory:

   Why Fun?

   * Brain's natural filter
   * Only Fun gets through
   * Love! Hate! <i>(not apathy.)</i>

Oh, and her bullets are little Unicode hearts, not shift-8.

If people are not having fun in a meeting, nothing will work whatever
you do. Nobody will listen or care.

Several (all?) of the meeting diseases we talked about, were probably
contracted by applying the wrong compiler command line options. If it
was -Ofun, they would vanish before even existing.


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