[Israel.pm] Re: perl parallel programming framework (interesting)

Michael Tewner tewner at jct.ac.il
Sun Mar 12 14:44:21 PST 2006

Tsirkin Evgeny wrote:
 > http://poe.perl.org/

This looks like you'll need a fork-and-forget cluster like Mosix, etc.

There's always Parallel::MPI for a standard implementation of Message 
passing and thread management (well, at least having the threads managed 
for you...). Unfortunately, the implementation isn't complete - I've 
been meaning to try to take on the project for some time now.

I gave a presentation of it at one of the Jerusalem PerlMongers 
meetings. It's ~10 of the basic MPI calls pulled from the C library 
using, what's it called, umm, X-something.


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