[Israel.pm] Coroutines in Perl

Tal Kelrich tal at musicgenome.com
Thu Mar 9 13:09:08 PST 2006

On Thu, 9 Mar 2006 18:00:55 +0100
"Madani, Srikanth, VF-DE" <Srikanth.Madani at vodafone.com> wrote:

> > If this doesn't work for you, you should try Expect.pm. See
> > "perldoc perlopen" for more information.
> That didn't work, unfortunately. It should have though (at least from
> what the perlopentut man page says). Will try Expect.pm.

AFAICT from the man pages for 5.7 , rcs acts differently when not
connected to a terminal, which you can override with the -I parameter.
otherwise you can run rcs with the -M parameter, in which case it will
not prompt for a message but won't mail about the lock being broken

(I like going for the low tech solution :)

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