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That's fair enough, but please realize this is a backup position. This means
that the first response person hasn't been able to address the issue, and
that this is a business-critical item. Obviously not all issues are such.
For vacations, this can be synchronized with people in the company (myself)
and shouldn't be a problem, but yes - one may have to skip out of the movie
(and/or) theatre if a server goes down and nobody else is able to address
the issue. This is no different than working in an IT position in a software

Yaron Golan
XenneX, Inc.

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Hi Yaron,

thanks for the clarification regarding your name.

As you already answered this part on the list let me also answer here.

On 6/29/06, Yaron Golan <yarong at xennexinc.com> wrote:
> 2. This is an emergency response person. Although our servers are 
> monitored, backed up, have dual raid, and are semi-managed, if 
> something happens, I may need this person to, if worse comes to worst, 
> wake up in the middle of the night to address a business-critical 
> issue. That being said, this has never happened before, and if it 
> does, I expect it to happen less frequently than once a year. I also 
> expect this person to review our monitoring and backup services and 
> minimize the risk to him and the business (with obvious values for both).

IMHO the concern is not with the night shift but that if you always want a
15 minutes response time than the person taking this cannot leave her
computer and the internet connection at a distance of more than 15 minutes.

So for example cannot travel (though this can be solved by having a mobile
Internet connection) and cannot go to a movie or a theatre as there she
won't be available for more than 15 minutes..

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