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Yaron Golan yarong at xennexinc.com
Thu Jun 29 04:37:16 PDT 2006

Dear Gabor,

On the first item - I will clarify, I am not the same person that has been
on the mailing list, although we share the same name.

In regards to the offer:
1. The company's services and servers run on some widely available
technologies (Linux, Apache, Perl, etc.) which the person has to have
knowledge in coming into the position. Anything that is
company/product/setup specific will be reviewed with that person (after an
NDA) as part of a training session (which shouldn't take over 1-2 work
2. This is an emergency response person. Although our servers are monitored,
backed up, have dual raid, and are semi-managed, if something happens, I may
need this person to, if worse comes to worst, wake up in the middle of the
night to address a business-critical issue. That being said, this has never
happened before, and if it does, I expect it to happen less frequently than
once a year. I also expect this person to review our monitoring and backup
services and minimize the risk to him and the business (with obvious values
for both).

Yaron Golan
Xennex, Inc.

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Hi Yaron,

first off, are you the same Yaron Golan who has been on the list for ages or
are you another person with the same name. In the latter case I would
appreciate if you clarified this on the mailing list too so people will not
mix the two of you.

Regarding the offer you have
- Do you provide any upfront learning time to become familiar with
  your setup or do you expect the person filling this to be able to give
  support just with the general background in the technologies you
- During what hours of the day do you expect the person to be on
  duty to be alertable?


On 6/29/06, Yaron Golan <yarong at xennexinc.com> wrote:
> For a backup position at Xennex, we require a person that can provide 
> support in case of emergency for company's servers, currently hosted
> Skills required:
> • Ability to maintain 3 Linux-based (CentOS) servers • In-depth 
> knowledge of Apache • In-depth knowledge of Perl • In-depth knowledge 
> of Linux • Cpanel familiarity a plus
> Person will receive 5-6 hours pay per month to cover for availability, 
> but will be required to have 15-minute response time and be able to 
> drop everything in case of emergency. Please only contact me if you 
> believe you are able to provide for such availability.
> Pay will be $300 per month, +$50 per hour overtime.
> Please contact:
> Yaron Golan
> VP, Technology
> XenneX, Inc.
> Mobile: +972 (54) 6666-125
> Email: yarong at xennexinc.com
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