[Israel.pm] Seeking Contractor - IT

Yaron Golan yarong at xennexinc.com
Wed Jun 28 14:56:15 PDT 2006

For a backup position at Xennex, we require a person that can provide
support in case of emergency for company’s servers, currently hosted abroad.
Skills required:
• Ability to maintain 3 Linux-based (CentOS) servers
• In-depth knowledge of Apache
• In-depth knowledge of Perl
• In-depth knowledge of Linux
• Cpanel familiarity a plus

Person will receive 5-6 hours pay per month to cover for availability, but
will be required to have 15-minute response time and be able to drop
everything in case of emergency. Please only contact me if you believe you
are able to provide for such availability. 

Pay will be $300 per month, +$50 per hour overtime.

Please contact:
Yaron Golan
VP, Technology
XenneX, Inc.
Mobile:  +972 (54) 6666-125
Email:   yarong at xennexinc.com

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