[Israel.pm] Shortage (or Perceived Shortage) of P-Languages Programmers in Israel (and Elsewhere)

Srikanth Madani srikmadani at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 26 09:27:31 PDT 2006

--- guy keren <choo at actcom.co.il> wrote:

> companies look for real experience in these
> technologies. saying "i read the book and wrote the
> exercises" is quite different then saying "i worked
> for two years on a project in company X, which used
> this technology".

Hmm....I also mention if I attended a formal course,
even if I don't have any professional experience.
Sometimes, one doesn't get a chance to *work* on a
particular technology - but I hope that companies
consider regular skill enhancement a virtue.

Also, the job profiles I'd look at in the future
probably won't require rigorous programming skills
anyway. (Previous experience should suffice)

Srikanth Madani

You can never understand one language until you
understand at least two.
                -Ronald Searle

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