[Israel.pm] Timeout Problem

guy keren choo at actcom.co.il
Wed Jun 7 10:05:35 PDT 2006

On Wed, 7 Jun 2006, Georges EL OJAIMI wrote:

> I have a serious problem in SQL server 2000. It is not related directly to PERL although it is affecting the performance of some scripts. I will be glad if you can highlight on the following.
> The problem is as follow:
> 1. I have huge number of reports running on a daily basis, around 1500 reports with complex queries.
> 2. The data queried against is around 13 Gigabytes.
> 3. I am getting time out on some reports at the bottle neck time (concurrent scheduled reports, some that take 1-2hours of execution time)
> 4. The sever specification is 8 CPUs Pentium Xeon 3.2 GHz each with 16 GB RAM
> 5. Some of the tables and views on this machine have replicated data from another server.
> 6. I am thinking that one of the problems is because the replicated tables are not indexed so the estimated execution plan shows a full table scan.
> Do you have a good proposal on how to solve this critical issue?

errr..... create an index? :0

this question is not related to perl - it is about database management.

the only think you might consider that is related to perl, is make sure
your code works in an optimal manner (e.g. uses static SQL rather the uses
cursors. takes data from the server in proper amounts at a time - neither
one record at a time, nor all the results at once for a query that has
a very large amount of records in its results).


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