[Israel.pm] Timeout Problem

Georges EL OJAIMI g-ojaimi at cyberia.net.lb
Wed Jun 7 09:08:49 PDT 2006


I have a serious problem in SQL server 2000. It is not related directly to PERL although it is affecting the performance of some scripts. I will be glad if you can highlight on the following.

The problem is as follow:

1. I have huge number of reports running on a daily basis, around 1500 reports with complex queries. 

2. The data queried against is around 13 Gigabytes. 

3. I am getting time out on some reports at the bottle neck time (concurrent scheduled reports, some that take 1-2 hours of execution time) 

4. The sever specification is 8 CPUs Pentium Xeon 3.2 GHz each with 16 GB RAM 

5. Some of the tables and views on this machine have replicated data from another server. 

6. I am thinking that one of the problems is because the replicated tables are not indexed so the estimated execution plan shows a full table scan. 

Do you have a good proposal on how to solve this critical issue?

Best regards,

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