[Israel.pm] new module for CPAN: Getopt::Long::String

Jason Elbaum jason.elbaum at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 04:19:19 PST 2006

> I think installing as many dependencies as viable is actually a good
> idea (as long as they aren't hard to install, like Math::PARI),
> because that encourages people to reuse more (if a module you didn't
> know you needed is already installed it's not a chore).

What are you saying here? That CPAN modules should require as many
dependencies as possible, so no one can use them without installing a
list of other modules? That's a good way to minimize your user base.

Reinventing the wheel is not a good thing. But many wheels are just
waiting to be reinvented. I recently sought a module to parse CSV
files. There are several on CPAN, but none of them support newline
characters inside a CSV field. It's allowed in CSV, it happens, and I
need it. They also wrap an XS module, which would require me to build
and install it separately for each platform supported.

So I wrote my own parser. It only took a few hours, and it does just
what I need. It would have taken me as long to install and test the
CPAN modules anyway.

Reuse is good, but reimplementation can often be better.

Jason Elbaum
jason.elbaum at gmail.com

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